Community Resources

Community Resources

We’ve put together a list of people, services, and community organizations located in Centretown that may be helpful residents in the neighbourhood.

Ranging from healthcare services, housing, media, and places to have some fun, we hope the page can be a useful hub to finding what you need in Centretown.

Health Services

  • Centretown Community Health Centre – CCHC is a nonprofit community health centre located on Cooper Street between Bank and Kent. They provide a full range of healthcare services and programs for families and individuals who work or live in Centretown.
  • Somerset West Community Health Centre – SWCHC is another nonprofit community health centre we have in the neighbourhood. They also provide a full-range of health and social services to neighbourhood residents.
  • Health Care Connect – If you’ve just moved to Centretown or Ottawa and don’t yet have a family doctor, you can find one through Health Care Connect, a program run by the Ontario Ministry of Health. After signing up online, the program will help you find a family doctor or nurse practitioner in your area.


  • Centretown Citizens of Ottawa Corporation – CCOC started as an offshoot of the CCCA in 1974 and since that time, they’ve grown to become one of the largest providers of affordable housing in the city. They are a tenant- and member-directed, non-profit housing organization that aims to provide quality rental units for low and medium income residents in the neighbourhood.

Community Centres

  • Jack Purcell Community Centre – The JPCC is owned and operated by the City of Ottawa. The Jack Purcell Recreation Association is a not-for-profit, incorporated organization that offers programs at the community centre in partnership with the Centre, including  health, fitness and recreation programming for adults, children and seniors. The Centre is located just off Elgin Street between Lewis and Waverley.
  • McNabb Recreation Centre – Located on Percy Street between James and Gladstone, the McNabb Recreation Centre provides space for numerous City of Ottawa recreation programs,including  health, fitness and recreation programming for adults, children and seniors. The Centre also includes an arena, gym, and outdoor skatepark.


  • Centretown BUZZ – The BUZZ was started in 1995 by a group of volunteers looking to offer a different perspective on community news. 20 years later, the paper is still going strong and delivering stories about the neighbourhood by the people who live in it.
  • Centretown News – The Centretown News is another local community newspaper managed by students in the journalism program at Carleton University. As both a teaching tool for future journalists and a service to the neighbourhood, the bi-weekly paper reports on a variety of stories concerning Centretown.


  • Ottawa Good Food Box – The Ottawa Good Food Box is a non-profit community-based initiative that provides fresh fruit and vegetables to residents across Ottawa every month. The program is a low-cost way of getting healthy food that you can pick up in your neighbourhood.
  • Ottawa Food Bank – The Ottawa Food Bank provides nutritious food to low-income residents across the city and helps ensure individuals and families get the food they need.


  • Citizens for Safe Cycling – Citizens for Safe Cycling is an advocacy group in Ottawa that fights for improved cycling infrastructure and improving safety for cyclists in the city.
  • Ecology Ottawa – Ecology Ottawa is a not-for-profit, grassroots and volunteer-driven organization that works to build sustainable communities, combat climate change and lead green initiatives in the national capital. The CCCA has collaborated with Ecology Ottawa on many different projects in the past.
  • Dalhousie Community Association – The DCA is our neighbouring community association located in the Dalhousie area of Somerset Ward, including Chinatown, Little Italy, and LeBreton Flats.