Last week, 6 mature trees on City property were cut down. They were in front of the Public Service Alliance of Canada building on Gilmour Street between Metcalfe and Elgin.

The reason? To repair the waterproof lining protecting the underground garage there.

The Ottawa Citizen’s David Reeevely cites a previous city study that found a single mature shade tree is worth nearly $20,000 in the value it creates for the environment and urban environment.

This is unacceptable given the damage that’s already been done to local trees from the Emerald Ash Borer and it was also done with no consultation or warning to nearby residents, the CCCA or Councillor McKenny.

On May 10th, we submitted a letter to Major Jim Watson saying that we won’t stand for the removal of trees without consultation.

Read the letter

If you’re interested in preserving our valuable trees and greenspace, get involved with our Trees and Greenspace Committee by contacting: