CCA Trees & Greenspace Committee Meeting @ 7pm, Tuesday, January 14, 2020; 101-210 Gloucester St.

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CCA Trees & Greenspace Meeting Agenda, Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020
19:00, Buzz Office
210 Gloucester Street, Unit 101

Brian B. (Chairing)

1. Business arising from previous meetings (5 minutes per item)
a. Report of Dinah Robinson on Ecology Ottawa Conference on Official Plan and Environment, Nov 15-16, 2019
b. Status Report of Stuart MacKay on Tent Canopy Project
c. Summary Status report on Single Use Plastics activity for Janaury and February,  Stuart Kinmond and/or Barbara Sibbald
d. Summary Report on Festive Tree Caper  (Dec 1, 2019) and DPWG Solstice event ( Dec 21, 2019),
e. Quick input from Committee members on CCA presentation to City Environmental Committee on new Tree Bylaw (Dec 17, 2019), Brian B.  (if the committee wants a detailed discussion it will be deferred to Other Business at the end of the meeting)

2. PLANNING SESSION FOR T&G Committee for 2020, 1 HOUR

What follows is an outline of main priorities of Committee over last two years.  The basic questions amount to 1. Are we continuing all the events/ initiatives that we have been juggling for last couple of years? 2. Are we deleting some?  and 3. Are we adding anything beyond the list below?.
a.  Earth Day in late April (DPWG as partner), two successful events 2018, 2019
b. Off-Bank Community Garden lot allocation etc. starting in May. Tom is lead
c. Minto Park Festival  (early June) our signature T&G event and plant sale
d. Summer Solstice event June 21-22(DPWG as partner)
e. Autumn Festival (DPWG as partner) still looking for best date for this event, options for this year are Saturdays Aug 29, Sept 19, Sept 26 or Oct 3, 2020
f. Bulb planting events in or around St. Luke’s Park and Dundonald (future of guerilla gardeners)
g. PLASTICS CAMPAIGN, to be executed through Plastics Subcommittee (Stuart Kinmond, Chair) but will involve T&G support for events, planning and strategy
h. Dundonald Gardening Group, spring clean up, gardening priorities, plantings, watering, etc (coordination with other Dundonald events) Dinah is lead
i. ADVOCACY related to Tree Bylaw, City of Ottawa Official Plan, coordination with CCA Planning Committee re development proposals with Tree implications.  Coordination with CAFES alliance and Ecology Ottawa
j. Other priorities to consider, input from members

3. Other Business
a. notice of intent to discuss venue for T&G meetings at the Feb. meeting
b. Any input on Dec 17th, 2019 Presentation to Environmental Committee of the City on the draft Tree Bylaw
c. Other matters….

4. Next meeting: Feb 11, 2020

5. Adjournment

Start Date - End Date

Jan 14, 2020 - Jan 14, 2020

Start Time - End Time

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Event Location

101-210 Gloucester Street Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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