Hello Centretowners,

This is your president with an urgent update on some recent developments in the City of Ottawa. As many of you know Elgin Street is slated for redesign and reconstruction in the coming years. This will be a major construction project and the CCCA has learned that the landscape of Elgin Street may not be the only thing slated for change.
Sources say that the very name may be up for debate. Our beloved Elgin Street may be modernized to an abbreviated ‘Lgin’ street. It is likely that the change would be intended to save approximately 20% of printing costs for the street signs following the Lgin (a reduction of 20% of letters) redesign and would reportedly be pronounced the same way (phonetically of course). At least one Centretowner has expressed discontent over the suggested change suggesting it will cause havoc during local spelling bees.

If your would like to express your interest in the Elgin (‘Lgin’) Street redesign please contact us via Social Media on Twitter @centretowncitizens or Facebook at Centretown Citizens Community Association.

The President of the CCCA has expressed concern that this information was only provided on Saturday April 1, April Fools Day…