About Us

The Centretown Citizens Community Association (CCCA) is an enthusiastic group of individuals who live or do business within the area bounded by Bronson Avenue on the west, the Rideau Canal on the east, the Queensway on the south, and the Ottawa River on the north.

Board meetings are held at City Hall (110 Laurier Avenue West) on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m., and the public is welcome to attend.

Our objectives, as stated in the Letters Patent incorporating the Association, dated September 8, 1976, are:

  • To maintain and improve the residential and community character of Centretown, in the City of Ottawa;
  • To provide support for Centretown Citizens in striving towards the attainment of objectives which are compatible with the aims of the Association;
  • To improve interaction between the various groups and individuals in Centretown and to co-ordinate various citizens’ activities;
  • To continuously monitor and assist in the implementation of the proposals of the Centretown Development Plan; and
  • To interact with other community and citizens’ groups and government bodies on issues of a City-wide or Regional nature.
  • CCCA memberships,  entitles you to speak at all meetings of the Association, to run for the Board of Directors, to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to participate in CCCA committees.

The CCCA’s predecessor, the Centretown Community Association, was founded in 1969. In 2009, the CCCA’s Heritage Committee created a video that recounts the story of how it began.

See our BOARD MEMBERS page for further information on our Board